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Welcome to the website of X-ray Photographer Leslie Wright

Nautilus x-ray

Using an X-ray machine in place of a camera , photographer Leslie Wright, shows us the hidden beauty in the world around us.

The artists work has been featured in several magazines and publications, for non-profit organizations.

Please proceed to the galleries for a breathtaking look at this transparent world.

The artists statement

 I have always had a keen interest in Science and Technology since a young age,
and my hobby has taken me to places that few have ever seen.  

 Like a Photographer that has seen the world through their camera, or an
Astronomer that has seen
the universe through their telescope,
I am keen to show you the world I have seen through my x-ray machine.

 By being creative with my work, it is my intent to bring x-ray photography
out of the realms of science, and create images that have aesthetic appeal,
and invoke excitement,and wonder, in everyone that sees them.

I am by no means the first person in the world to experiment with x-ray art.
 Indeed, many people have experimented with x-rays as an art form,
since they were first discovered. I sincerely hope I am not the last.

There is a whole world out there, just waiting to be discovered!

xray art

Leslie Wright

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